Document Lifecycle Management

Enhance all phases of your businesses document lifecycle comprehensively. Printing & copying, digitization through scanning, document intelligence, indexing & searchability using OCR technologies, vast & secure storage capability as well as safe and privacy compliant document destruction through shredding. iCabinet services and products are best in it's class and combined to provide holistic solutions.

Cloud Storage & Retrieval

Store your documents using a simple cloud platform. Securely store all of your forms, reports & documents in one centralized system. Easily scan all of your existing paperwork to our fully compliant servers. Access your documents at your convenience from any web-connected device.

Your #1 Electronic Filing Cabinet Solution

About iCabinet

iCabinet is an efficient and effortless way to manage a filing cabinet that ensures your business processes run smoothly. With iCabinet, businesses are now able to use a holistic document management approach from anywhere in the world.

Save Time

In business, time equals money. The average office employee spends up to one-third of their day on printing, filing and searching for misfiled or lost documents.

By going paperless with iCabinet, your business eliminates time-killing paper processes and allows staff to be more productive.

20-30 min

Average daily
document search time

Up to 40%

Total work time spent
handling documents

Over 20%

Productivity loss from
document handling


At iCabinet, the security of your data is our top priority. High-level encryption, access/key management and two-factor authentication are just a few of the mechanisms we use to ensure the safety of your information.


Hardware failures and theft are real concerns when storing sensitive information. We mitigate these risks by incrementally backing up your data on a daily basis to our distributed Disaster Recovery (DR) sites.


Fully compliant with local regulations (POPI, FAIS, SARS)

SSL Certificate

All data transmitted to and from our cloud environment is transmitted securely over a 256-bit encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection.

Password Encryption

All passwords are encrypted using leading iterative algorithms with random keys and salts, and are stored as highly secure hashes in our database. We also enforce account lockout and a strong password policy to help prevent brute-force and rainbow table attacks.

Audit Trails

iCabinet is exhaustive in its strict logging requirements. Every system transaction and exception on our platform (software or system level) is logged, and a full audit trail is easily retrievable at any time.

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