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iCabinet – Your digital filing cabinet solution

iCabinet is a digital filing management solution that you can use for your business. Our purpose is to ensure that document filling is a simple and hassle free process.

Have you ever?

  • lost documents
  • not been able to find the latest version
  • had difficulty sharing with other stakeholders
  • running out of space to store those heavy files
  • lost documents from water or fire or that wonderful paper-shredder


Whatever the difficulty you have had with your document filing system, iCabinet can help you to solve this now! A new global trend of document storage that is safe, kind to the environment and your back pocket while enhancing your productivity, allowing you to focus on your business while your administrative filing becomes effective!

Online document storage services is a server that allows companies to fit a physical “data cabinet” server into their organisations IT infrastructure and to have it accessible from any remote location via the internet (provided you have the correct user login access).